Policies & Rules

Policies and Rules

Attendance and Make-Ups


  • Please contact your teacher in advance if you will be absent from class. You might WeChat HAODANCE or email haodance@hotmail.com .
  • Students arriving late must ask the teacher for permission to join a class that has already started.
  • Please inform the teacher prior to class time if you need early dismissal from class.


  • Make-up classes are the student’s responsibility and require the teacher’s preapproval.
  • Make-ups must happen in the same term they are missed and are limited to the same duration and same dance type of the missed class.
  • Current students have the priority of class over makeups.

Regular attendance is necessary to make progress in class. Dancers who miss a half of term classes may not be permitted in the recital/showcase if the dance routine is not learned. This is at the teacher’s discretion. Attendance at Studio and Dress Rehearsal is also required of all recital/showcase participants.

Classroom Rules

  • To avoid disruptions, no excessive conversations should take place during class.
  • No street shoes are permitted on dance floor as dirt, rainwater, grime, and winter salt can cause the dance floor to erode.
  • No gum, candy, food, or soda in class.
  • Water is permitted for sipping while in class during the recess or breaks. Please refrain from placing water bottles or cups under the ballet barres or by the mirrors to reduce accidents.
  • Cell phones are a distraction, please silent your cell phone prior to entering class.
  • Students may not sit down unless instructed to do so by their teacher.
  • Students may not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.
  • Be respectful of yourself and others. Foul language or offensive comments will not be tolerated.


To avoid distractions, parents are not permitted to enter ongoing classes. If you have a concern, please speak to the teacher after class.

For the purposes of safety, studio doors should not be blocked.

Student Arrival and Pick Up

  • Students are expected to be ready for their lessons by arriving early, dressed and ready to dance. Students at beginning levels and up should warm up and stretch at least 10 minutes before class or rehearsal begins.
  • Younger students are not permitted to leave the building without a parent or guardian.
  • Please pick up your dancer on time. In the case of an emergency, please notify the teacher.
  • If your dancer must wait, please notify the teacher and have your child prepared ahead of time with something to keep them occupied.
  • The studio will not stay open more than 10 minutes after the last class of the evening.


  • The studio will send out a message from Official WeChat Account frequently to keep families in the loop. This communication includes newsletters, upcoming events, tuition reminders, and periodic notifications from teachers. Please add haodance WeChat account.
  • In the event the studio must close due to inclement weather, notification is issued via WeChat Class Groups.

  • 舞蹈教室的地板是特殊地板,请穿正规的舞蹈用鞋进入舞蹈场地。
  • 上课时间请把手机静音。
  • 上课时请不要嚼口香糖。
  • 音乐响起时,请不要在教室里穿插走动,妨碍其他同学上课。请等音乐停止后再加入。
  • 老师讲话的时候,请不要交头接耳。有问题可以等老师讲完后再提问。上课时请保持最低限度的交谈。
  • 请跟随老师上课的节奏学习,因为老师要照顾大多数的同学,而不会为了个别同学而加快或减慢教学进度。
  • 上课时集中精力听老师对动作的讲解,多跟着老师练,练的时候多看镜子,对比老师的动作看自己哪里做得不到位。不要不好意思,到这里就是来学习的,学习是需要过程的。
  • 如果开始学舞蹈的话就先记动作,把动作记好,下去自己多加练习,慢慢就有感觉了。
  • 上课的时候不要录像,好好跟着老师争取在课上学会动作,下课再录。如果有班级的录像,请不要外传,仅限本班同学自己学习使用。